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Lent Challenge

Lent Challenge

Shrove Tuesday, or pancake day as it is known in our house, is on the 4th March this year. Pancake day is the last day before lent starts.

This is the 47 day period leading to Easter when people traditionally give something up. This seems like the ideal opportunity for a challenge for you all.

The 3 things that most people seem to struggle the most with when trying to eat properly are an over-indulgence of bread, chocolate or alcohol.‎ So you can either choose one, two or all of them to give up.

If you are happy with your nutrition at the moment but still want to get involved you can do 100 burpees a day throughout lent ‎(some of you will do a different variation of the burpee which I'll show you at your next session). Or you can do both. The idea is to create a good habit together as a team through a bit of self-discipline.

So, who's up for it? Post your challenge on my Facebook or Twitter page. Keep posting your progress regularly or use it for support when the going gets tough. or Twitter @Ace_FitnessPT .

In the meantime, enjoy your Pancake Day - here's a link to Mike Dolce pancake recipe.

Any questions, get in touch.

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