I will be writing about various personal training and fitness related topics in this blog.

23rd Feb 15
It’s Not My Fault
5th Aug 14
101 Great Goals
30th May 14
It’s Not Rocket Science, But It’s Not A Piece Of Cake Either
9th Apr 14
Just Enjoy It
17th Mar 14
Beer Pressure
27th Feb 14
Without Reason
12th Feb 14
Lent Challenge
The biggest hurdle for most people, including myself, in reaching their health and fitness goals is food and drink. It is hard for most people to break old habits and to eat and drink the way they know they should. The main reason for this... Read more

Everybody has goals that they want to achieve in life. They can be anything, and are as diverse and different as the people who make them. This is the same with health and fitness. I'm sure every trainer in the country has had the reply "I want... Read more

Eating properly is a must if you want to hit your health and fitness goals. The saying ‘you can’t out-train a bad diet’ is true. It is no good hammering away at the training every day and then going home and eating and drinking crap that... Read more

Training properly requires hard work. There‘s no way around it or any short-cuts to achieving results. If you want to get fitter, stronger and leaner, you have to work hard. This is something that people realise once they start training. It... Read more

In this week’s blog I thought I would talk about one of the main issues stopping people reaching their health and fitness goals: alcohol. It is the thing that I struggle with the most and the main issue that a lot of my clients struggle with... Read more

Sometimes there are valid reasons why somebody cannot do any exercise. Often that reason is illness or injury. If you are genuinely poorly it is best to rest up and get yourself well before training again. Sometimes, pushing through and trai... Read more

Shrove Tuesday, or pancake day as it is known in our house, is on the 4th March this year. Pancake day is the last day before lent starts. This is the 47 day period leading to Easter when people traditionally give something up. This seems lik... Read more

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