Training Exercises Applied By Ace Fitness Training

These are the different training methods that I use to help you to reach your goals. Sessions take place in a private fitness suite based at The Mount School sports hall or in a private combat sports gym based in Tang Hall.

Kettlebell Training

Originating in Russia many years ago, this is an exciting training method. With hundreds of different exercises, training is never boring. Rapidly growing in popularity, kettlebells are becoming a favourite with sport and exercise people of all disciplines.

Kettlebells are ideal for:
• Strength training
• Calorie burning
• Improving fitness levels

Kettlebells are great for use at home as well as the gym. Only a small space is needed and you can get a good workout within 20 to 30 minutes.

Boxing and Muay Thai Boxing

Boxers and Thai boxers are some of the best conditioned athletes in the world. I can show you how they do it. Centred on padwork, boxing training is great fun and often the most popular part of the sessions.

Boxing and Muay Thai are ideal for:
• Calorie burning
• Stress-busting
• Improving fitness levels
• Co-ordination

Suitable for everyone, no matter what body shape or age, this is one of the most enjoyable ways to get fit, while also getting rid of the stress of everyday life. With previous fight experience, I will help you get fighting fit.

Gym Work

I has access to a private fitness suite which means that gym work can be easily incorporated into the sessions.

You will learn correct machine techniques and the intensity and duration you should be training at to achieve your personal goals.

I will also provide a program for you to follow when you train at the gym on your own.

Strength and Conditioning

This type of training is hard work, but very rewarding. Incorporating a wide variety of equipment and techniques, it is never dull. Strength and conditioning utilises the principles of exercise science to underpin training sessions that work. These sessions include circuit and interval training.


Nutrition is vital for a healthy, fit body and mind. Getting the right balance is made easier with AFT. After a consultation session, you will get advice and guidelines on your nutrition, including a weekly plan to follow. Everybody is different when it comes to food, what they like, when they eat. After talking it through, AFT can recommend what would work for you.
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