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Without Reason

Sometimes there are valid reasons why somebody cannot do any exercise. Often that reason is illness or injury. If you are genuinely poorly it is best to rest up and get yourself well before training again.

Sometimes, pushing through and training hard when you shouldn't can leave you in a worse state for longer. Often though, you can use illness or injury as an excuse when you could train around it with a bit of guidance and some determination.

Tree (Theresa), who has trained with me for around two years now, has that determination. Since starting training she has had to endure enforced rest periods due to some bad luck health wise. This has included numerous scans, appointments, tests, surgery and rehabilitation. This hasn't stopped her though, we trained around it where possible, and, where not possible, she made sure she ate clean so as not to undo the good work she has put in. Since she started training she has lost 4 stone, learned to box, completed the Race for Life in a great time and greatly improved her health. This is her view on her experience ..

"Hooking up with Al is the best thing I ever did! He has supported me and encouraged me through some time times. He knows how to push me to my limit and beyond! I wish I'd started training earlier, but it's never too late, I'm nearly 50!"

Next time you are going to cry off training because you are ill, check if you're being honest with yourself.
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